Thursday, February 9, 2017

Final Triptychs and Artists Statement


Light Streaks: I took these photos because I like doing long exposures and just looking at the picture with no editing done to it looks really good.

Nature: I chose to use these photos because I love being outside and
away from the city. You'll know this feeling when you check
your phono and it says "No Service".
Stars: When I took these, I didn't know if any
of the pictures would turn out to be in focus. Its a
good feeling when you first import them and see
that they came out just how you wanted them to. 

Art: Every time I go to Portland to take pictures, I always see graffiti art on some of the buildings. Graffiti seems like way to express your feelings or emotions and that kind of relates to me with photography because when I take pictures, some of my feelings fall into the picture. For example, if I wasn't feeling to well one day, a gray rainy day picture would be kind of a good depiction of how I feel.

Artists Statement 



Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Best of 2016

A. Progressive field
B. Gene J. Puskrap
C. "The Chicago Cubs celebrate after winning the game 7 of the World Series on Thursday, November 3. The Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians in 10 innings to end the longest championship drought in major US sports. The Cubs hadn't won the World Series since 1908".
C. An observation I can make about this photo is that all the players are very happy.
D. This photograph reminds me of the good time I had with my dad watching the world series live.
F. Something that makes this photo look so crowded is that all the people.

A. Australia
B. Alex Herald
C. Fernando Alonson crashes into a wall during the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday, March 20. Alonson was going 200 mph at the time of the crash, but he emerged unscratched. "I'am lucky to be here and thankful to be here. It was a scary moment and a scary crash." he said.
C. Something I can say about this photo is that the guy in the car looks calm but if his helmet was off, he'd look scared
D. This picture is different from reality because not everyone crashes that hard.
E. This driver is in focus and the car is kind of out of focus

A. Glacier National Park
B. Corey Arnold
C. Steven Donovan, flipping into a pool, took a seasonal job at Glacier National Park to sharpen his photography skills.
C. I would describe this picture as living in the moment and being happy.
D. Something about this photo that interest me is that it looks like its fall and thats when the weather starts to get cold. The leaves are changing color.
E. I think the most important part of this picture is the person jumping in to the water.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


 ISO: 400  Shutter: 1 second
ISO: 400  Shutter: 1.8 seconds
ISO: 400  Shutter: 1 second
ISO: 400  Shutter: 1.6 seconds
ISO: 400  Shutter: 2.5 seconds
ISO: 400  Shutter: 1/5 second

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Dream (3-5)





Sightings of a serial killer in different places around Oregon. They were all spotted at different times during the night.